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Last Tuesday night I went to the National Yoga Month celebration at the Upper West Side location of Pure Yoga. I occasionally take a class at Pure Yoga but I’ve never become a member. They’re $50+ more per month than YogaWorks and for what? Hair dryers in the locker rooms? Nah.

I enjoyed a juice sample and some vegan food, a hand treatment, and the photo booth that they had set up. Taking photos in yoga poses was awkward, to say the least. I also learned how lopsided my tree pose is (above). Sometimes I think I have undiagnosed scoliosis, despite having been tested yearly in grade school.

I was almost totally taken this time though. The UWS location is really warm and inviting, and big. The teacher was awesome too. He put battery-operated candles around the room and turned the lights basically off for most of the class. It was really different.

Though I’m not a member yet, there’s a good chance that maybe I’ll pay $145/month when I have more money. Who knows. 

Last Wednesday, August 20th, I went to the Rubin Museum in Chelsea for the screening of the film short On Meditation, featuring the woman who I refer to as my guru, Gabrielle Bernstein. After the filming, she had a conversation with contemplative psychotherapist Joe Loizzo, who founded the Nalanda Institute. 

I snagged a front row seat somehow and settled in. We ran through her meditation that she calls the “ego eradicator” and thus began my 40 day regiment of it again. They spoke about the science behind meditation and how they now have proof of how meditation affects the brain, so it’s not just hippie bullshit (my words) anymore.

Afterward she signed books and when I asked her for advice on how to deal with super negative friends, she said, “Be the light." I said OK, and I’m trying. She also said not to talk about it with them, which I think is a fantastic idea. 

Another night of mindfulness in the books. 

Did you know that Venus in Fur had been translated into a movie? And one in French, nevertheless? Me neither. But it was directed by Roman Polanski and starred his wife in the role of Vanda. I love this play and I was super excited to see the movie translation. 

At Symphony Space on the UWS tonight, I had the opportunity to see a small screening of this film that came out at last year’s Cannes. The screening was followed by a talkback with playwright and screenwriter David Ives (pictured above, on the right). I really enjoyed the movie - it very closely followed the script. I will admit that I was wishing the entire time that it was Nina Arianda on screen, but what can you do. And that’s not to say that Emmanuelle Seigner was bad, at all. I just love Arianda.

Afterwards Ives talked about the collaboration with Polanski on writing the film (him and his wife just spent a few weeks in Switzerland with Polanski and his wife). He talked about the first, very brief message that Polanski ever left on his answering machine. He talked about the subtitles being a mess at first and then he took questions from the audience.  There was a lot of inquiry having to do with the ambiguousness of the theatre and how that gets a little bit less-so with a film. At one point he said, “Nobody is real onstage. Everyone is a metaphor for something else." I thought that was kind of brilliant.

It’s a great film. I highly recommend it. 

PS: David Ives is currently working with Stephen Sondheim on a new musical. So, there’s that. 

Two weeks ago I saw the off-Broadway production of Jasper in Deadland at the West End Theater on the Upper West Side. Produced by the Prospect Theater Company, Deadland features a book by Broadway veteran Hunter Foster and music and lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver. It also starred Matt Doyle which is never a bad thing.

Jasper in Deadland, a modern retelling of Orpheus, centers around Jasper’s adventure into the underworld (deadland, or perhaps purgatory) to save his friend Gretchen who kills herself after revealing her feelings for him.

The music is really good and the story has a couple of plot twists that I didn’t see coming (because I wasn’t familiar with the story of Orpheus). I really enjoyed Matt Doyle and Allison Scagliotti (Gretchen), and honorable mention needs to be given to F. Michael Haynie who brought down the house with his solo. 

I’m not sure Jasper in Deadland will ever see a long run, but I kind of hope it does! 

I’m going to try to replace coffee (which I drink maybe three days a week) now. This stuff is expensive though ($15 for a couple of ounces). Anyone know anywhere to buy it cheaper?

I wrote a month or so back that a new Yogurtland opening near my apartment and I’ve been there more than a couple of times since the opening. Is it cheap? Yeah, pretty cheap. Of course, I try not to buy huge servings so maybe that’s why mine aren’t very pricey.

The truth? I still prefer 16 Handles to Yogurtland. Here’s why:

  • The yogurt at Yogurtland gets liquidity really fast. It starts melting within minutes after coming out of the machine.
  • 16 Handles has real hot fudge. Like, warm hot fudge. Yogurtland does not. Theirs is cold and very meh.
  • The toppings selection is better at 16 Handles. There are more healthy options, more fruit, more types of granola.

What I do prefer at Yogurtland though are their flavors. They have a lot of awesome flavors like Salty Caramel, Dragonfruit, and Chocolate Mint. That being said: It’s important to remember that Yogurtland uses actual yogurt, not powdered crap.

But I still like my real hot fudge.

Frozen yogurt. Obviously.

The newest Manhattan location of Yogurtland opens TODAY on Columbus Avenue and 99th street on the Upper West Side. I was slightly addicted to 99 Handles last summer so having a frozen yogurt place essentially right around the corner from me is going to be a really, really bad awesome thing. 

According to the press release: “To celebrate the new Yogurtland location, guests at this location will receive free ounces of yogurt as the temperature drops. When the temperature is between 40 – 50 degrees, guests will receive 2 ounces free. Temperatures between 35 – 40 degrees mean 3 free ounces, and between 30 – 34 degrees will mean 4 free ounces. If the temperature drops below 29 degrees, this location will offer guests 5 ounces of free yogurt. Daily temperatures reported by The Weather Channel will serve as the official temperatures for the promotion.”

So, at 11am, check the temperature and get over there. I’ll be by after work and hopefully it will still be 9*!

I always love watching the snow but usually it just turns out to be a pain in the ass because I have to get to and from work, and whatever other plans I have, in it. And that sucks. 

But today? Today I had jury duty for the first time ever. I’d been called once or twice while in college but obviously didn’t have to go. I was called for the first time post-college in June and used my first postponement for sixth months. 

Until January. I received the summons notice earlier this month for today. I thought about trying to postpone again but said, meh. I’ll just get it over with.

I reported down to Tribeca at 8:45am with a triple grande latte in hand, ready to do a lot of reading, texting, and screwing around on my Macbook. We had lots of orientating. Too much. The video they showed us was basically a poorly acted snippet of Law & Order. Guys, most people have seen L&O. I think we can skip the video, k? We were told multiple times that the inclement would not get us dismissed. They said this multiple times. Okay, cool, we get it. We’re screwed regardless of the snow.  Then we filled out a questionnaire and waited for the lawyers to arrive.

Who were late. Fine. Whatever it was a blizzard outside. Then the first thirty jurors were randomly called. I was not one of them. I updated friends on how my day of “civic duty” was going, told my bosses what was going on, and ate a Mojo bar. 

Shortly after sometime in the afternoon a woman entered and told us, “Hi guys, so due to the weather, we’re going to be done for today. You’re all getting credit for your one day of serving. We’ll see you in six years!” So, they do sometimes close down for weather. I spent the latter part of the day buying sweaters that were on sale at the Gap (as I recently discovered that a majority of mine are too big).

I don’t always love the snow, but I definitely do when it gets me out of jury duty. See you in six years, judge. 

I haven’t had an entire week off since about July 2012 (before I started my full-time internship in early August 2012). I’m a bit of a control freak and a worrier so I never like to take time off and detatch from work. I had used about five of my twenty vacation days so far when I realized it was late September and I could only carry over 5 of those remaining days, I decided to take this week off and do nothing.

Well, I took this week off, but I didn’t do nothing, technically. I slept in most days to 8am (a good two hours later than I usually sleep!), which was nice. I kept track of my work email on my phone and as far as I could tell, no shit was hitting the fan at all. Which was nice. Very nice.

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I started running again semi-regularly about a month ago. And by “semi-regularly,” I mean I ran about once a week. The thing was I started running longer distances than I ever had before. I used to run 2-2.5 miles at once and be done. Occasionally I’d slip in a 5k, but not normally.

Then I had my heart set on completing the loop in Central Park. Which is, like, six (6!) miles. I tried once, and cut out some, and then walked about 1/4 of the way so it was four miles and some change. Then I tried to run the perimeter of the park and gave up after about 3 miles, cut across the park, and went home. 

You know what I did every time I wanted to stop? I breathed. Whenever my yoga teachers have told me in the past to breathe into where ever you feel discomfort: they’re totally right. Just breathe. But finally today I was able to do it. I took a couple of 20 second walking breaks, but I did it (at a pretty good pace of 10:22/mile) and I felt great. 


And then I started to not feel so great anymore. I ate a 1/2 cup of oatmeal before I went out but with probably no more than a 1/2 cup of water, so I think I was pretty dehydrated. I ate a grilled cheese and avocado sandwich and a lot of water after.

After I showered and started running errands, with plans to go to two super easy yoga classes tonight, I started feeling really shitty. Like really, really shitty. 

I came home and laid down (and watched a really random, sort of okay but probably not movie called “Waiting For Forever” and now I’m taking it easy for the rest of the evening. I really want to order Chinese (since grocery shopping obviously didn’t happen today) but most of me thinks this is a pretty terrible idea.

So, a question to all the (maybe 2?) runners who happen to stumble upon this entry: Was I feel shitty because I ran the longest distance I’ve ever run? I’m attributing my being run down to the fact that I was dehydrated and the weather was super warm last week and now it’s finally acting like it’s fall out.

Yeah. That sounds about right. But I did it! I ran all six miles. Do I ever want to increase my miles again? Nah, not really. Marathons, half-marathons, and basically anything longer than what I ran seem really silly to me.

And I’m pretty sure I’d feel incredibly… shitty after running one.