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While shuffling through my iTunes today at work, the encore (“Good Riddance”/”Walking Out On Love”) from February 27th caught me totally off-guard. In fact, I had to listen to it twice.

The above picture was taken (by me) almost a year ago (February 27th, 2011). It seems like forever ago. American Idiot was a huge source of happiness for me from September 2009 (when I went to see it in Berkeley) until April 2011 (when they played their final performance on Broadway). But in less than a week, I’ll get to experience the mind-blowing musical journey again… this time in Boston.

My friend Matt and I are traveling north in the wee hours (7am to be exact) of the morning on January 29th to see the show one more time. We both saw the show numerous times on Broadway (though neither of us ever kept track of an exact number - because it didn’t matter).  We also saw the Foxboro Hot Tubs in concert together in April 2010, and Green Day later that year in August. You could say Green Day solidified our friendship.

I’m excited to see a new group of people (for the most part) perform the show. I have a feeling it’ll be like American Idiot Jr. though - they all look so young. I’m excited to see the new choreography, but admittedly scratching-my-head that they changed the dialogue at the end. That will be odd to listen to.  

It will be incredible to see Idiot in all it’s glory again and I will almost-definitely be choked up when the curtain begins it’s one-and-only ascent at 1pm, but nothing will ever replace the company above (and Tony, of course). And you know what? That’s OK.  

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