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Did you know that Venus in Fur had been translated into a movie? And one in French, nevertheless? Me neither. But it was directed by Roman Polanski and starred his wife in the role of Vanda. I love this play and I was super excited to see the movie translation. 

At Symphony Space on the UWS tonight, I had the opportunity to see a small screening of this film that came out at last year’s Cannes. The screening was followed by a talkback with playwright and screenwriter David Ives (pictured above, on the right). I really enjoyed the movie - it very closely followed the script. I will admit that I was wishing the entire time that it was Nina Arianda on screen, but what can you do. And that’s not to say that Emmanuelle Seigner was bad, at all. I just love Arianda.

Afterwards Ives talked about the collaboration with Polanski on writing the film (him and his wife just spent a few weeks in Switzerland with Polanski and his wife). He talked about the first, very brief message that Polanski ever left on his answering machine. He talked about the subtitles being a mess at first and then he took questions from the audience.  There was a lot of inquiry having to do with the ambiguousness of the theatre and how that gets a little bit less-so with a film. At one point he said, “Nobody is real onstage. Everyone is a metaphor for something else." I thought that was kind of brilliant.

It’s a great film. I highly recommend it. 

PS: David Ives is currently working with Stephen Sondheim on a new musical. So, there’s that. 

Last week I saw the just-opened production of Heathers (a musical version of the movie) and I have to say I loved it much more than I ever though I would. I tried watching the movie a few months and I got through maybe 20 minutes of it. I thought it was pretty stupid. I also admittedly like Jawbreaker better (a nineties version with pretty much the same plot). 

As soon as the lights went down at New World Stages, the energy in the room was on full throttle and we were all into it. it was upbeat music, hilarious dialogue, fun choreography, and a cast with a bus-load of energy. 

Albeit it being maybe 20 minutes too long (2 hours and 40 minutes is a little excessive), I enjoyed everything about this musical. it’s really hard to dislike a show when the audience and the cast is equally as excited and pumped. The score is fun and 80’s-ish and everything you’d expect from a musical based on the movie Heathers. The cast gives it everything they have, and the storyline is pretty much true to the movie (except, as my friend informed me, the ending is happier - but come on, it’s a musical!).

I really enjoyed Barrett Wilbert Weed as Veronica and Alice Lee, Jessica Keenan Wynn, and Elle McLemore were all equally as fantastic (and bitchy) as the three Heathers.

All of your favorite lines are intact, don’t worry. Christian Slater was in the audience that night and we heard he really enjoyed it afterward too. Sometimes you just need to go see a fun musical and Heathers is definitely that musical.

Tickets were provided by the production. Opinions are all my own. 

Hey there everyone… theatre nerds, Martin McDonaugh savants, Harry Potter fans… 

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I’d almost forgotten that the 2008 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning drama August: Osage County was being made into a film. Until my friend emailed me and invited me an advance press screening. Of course I’d goAugust premiered on Broadway in 2007 and I was supposed to go see it but then the Local 1 strike of 2007 happened and Broadway shut down for the week of Thanksgiving (I happened to be interning at The Broadway League - then known as The League of American Theatres and Producers - so it was an interesting time to say the least). A few months later, I finally broke down and paid for a student ticket. Three and a half hours flew by in the theatre but I think most of the play flew right over my head. In other words: it wasn’t my pick for the Tony Award that year.

But I was excited to see the film regardless. I mean, it has Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts. It couldn’t be that bad. And it wasn’t. It wasn’t half bad at all. These two women give the best performances of their lives. The entire movie is an emotional roller coaster. It made me really thankful that none of the plot points have happened in my family. 

Julianne Nicholson is heartbreaking as Ivy. Juliette Lewis is the necessary comedic relief as as Karen. Abigail Breslin is Jean, Roberts’ daughter, and she’s a totally perfect little bitch. Dermot Mulroney, though usually a gentleman in movies, is a complete slime ball in this film (in a the completely perfect way he’s supposed to be, naturally).

The movie was just under two hours. I have no idea how they cut an hour worth of text from the play but they did and they upheld the integrity of the play perfectly. I liked the movie more than I liked the play, but seeing the movie made me want to re-read the play. I think that’s the sign that the movie has served it’s purpose.

August: Osage County is the perfect family Christmas movie this year. 


Sometimes it’s good to post your every thought on Facebook. For example I posted last week that I was beyond excited for Catching Fire and the next day my friend Andrew texts me saying he can get passes to an advanced screening from Time Warner Cable and he’d go down at lunch that day to see if he could obtain two. And he does and you’re beyond excited. This, I will admit, is probably the best thing Time Warner Cable has ever done for it’s customers.

Last night at the AMC on 34th and 8th, I took in a screening of Catching Fire. We were all given free popcorn, soda, a poster, and a t-shirt (admittedly it’s the ugliest t-shirt I’ve ever seen, but it was free and I’ll wear it to bed, so it’s all good). The theatre was packed and I got there only 15 minutes beforehand (Andrew was more on top of his game though, so he grabbed seats early). I was so. excited. (Nerd admittance: I wore the same gold sweater that I wore to the Scholastic screening of the first movie in 2011. The gold sweater is huge now and barely fits anymore, but I still love it.) The theatre hushed as the lights went down and I could barely contain my excitement.

tl;dr version: It lived up to everyone one of my expectations. It was two and a half hours of bliss. The cast was phenomenal and it’s a wild ride. I can’t wait to see it again. Now for more detail, and two spoilers, keep reading.

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I’d bought a ticket a few weeks back for Cuatro! at the CBGB festival and completely forgot what day it was for until about two days ago. Luckily Tanya was also going, so after a long day of work yesterday, and a delicious meal of authentic tacos at a tiny little place called Oaxaca on a street called ‘Extra Place,’ I met up with her at the Anthology Film Center on 2nd and 2nd.

Because the band, and CBGB’s, is awful at planning, they booked the premiere of this film on the same night as Broadway Idiot, and since Broadway Idiot had a talkback afterward, of course everyone went there. There were probably 15 people at Cuatro!, but we didn’t care. We were there to have fun. 

It was a incredibly fun trip down memory lane and made me remember how much fun October 2011 to April 2013 was. It was amazing to see their creative process and how much fun they have while at it.

It also made me want to pick up my guitar (which has been sitting in it’s case for a few weeks now) again. Which is always awesome too.

I look forward to see Broadway Idiot soon, and all the future documentaries to come from Green Day (fingers crossed, right?). 

Last Saturday I was invited to see the new musical based on the movie Big Fish after winning a contest that was held on their website. I was incredibly excited because I remember liking the movie (when I saw it in theatres back in 2004!) and the cast was phenomenal: Norbert Leo Butz, Bobby Steggert, and Kate Baldwin. Tonight: Big Fish opens!

I didn’t really remember what the movie was about, but I heard it was a touching father/son story. A man who’s father has always told him phantasmagorical stories is dying and before he passes, he wants to find out the truth about his father’s past.

The first thing that stood out to me were the costumes (design by William Ivey Long) - they were gorgeous and somewhat magical. My next favorite aspect of the show? Norbert Leo Butz (and his dancing). He was fantastic in Catch Me If You Can, and he lives up to and surpasses every expectation in Big Fish. He weaved in and out of being a teenager and a dying old man with such ease. Kate Baldwin and Bobby Steggert also, of course, didn’t disappoint either. Baldwin weaved as easily from teenager to senior citizen as well, and Steggert has it easiest (as he never had to make any huge age leaps) but was still a joy to watch discover the truth about his father.

The score is enjoyable, the choreography fantastic, and supporting cast was lovable. Remember how I said this was a heartwarming father/son story? Well: it was. Everyone around me was crying at the end and I even choked back a tear.

I hope lots of legs are currently breaking at the Neil Simon and the reviewers are warm. Big Fish is definitely a welcomed addition to this Broadway season!

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I’ve never read any of David Sedaris’ books (I know, I know, I should), but this looks interesting. I’ll have to read up on his life first. Although Jonathan Groff was great in Spring Awakening, I’ve never been a fan of his work onstage since (he’s just not a very good stage actor, IMHO), but he seems like he’s a better fit for onscreen. Also: Dennis O’Hare.

Catching Fire trailer… SO excited!

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Sounds about right. I hope it’s not sold out on Long Island too, because, well… yeah, Jews. 

Sounds about right. I hope it’s not sold out on Long Island too, because, well… yeah, Jews.