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On Sunday night at 7:30pm, Jordan Roth engaged in a discussion with director Michael Mayer and Green Day front man (and rock god) Billie Joe Armstrong at the Upper East Side’s 92nd Street Y.  Having gone to several of the talk backs this week, I was expecting the be bored but deep down I was hoping for the best.  Luckily, the latter was the case and the hour and a half discussion was insightful with really excellent questions thanks to Jordan Roth and a few tweeters whose questions he asked.  I felt bad for Adrienne (Armstrong, his wife) when she sat down across the aisle from me and proceeded to be hounded for autographs until the lights were lowered.  John Cameron Mitchell was also seated three rows in front of me.  I was in L1 (aisle seat FTW!) next a theatre fan who super sweet, though I never got her name.  We had a moment and got excited when Roth mentioned “The Book of Mormon.”

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Let’s start from the beginning… I attended the Q&A last night and this time I filmed the whole thing.  Above is part one of the moderated questions, here’s part two, three, and four.  

And here is parts one, two, and three of the audience questions.  It was quite entertaining tonight - a lot of lame questions, but a couple of really, really good ones too.  Enjoy!