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A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Facebook invite for a band who was going to perform Green Day’s Dookie in it’s entirety at a shithole on the LES. The band was called Ender Wins. It was described as the band’s filling of their childhood dreams. I gathered four of my best Green Day-loving guy friends and we made a night out of it. After dinner at Little Muenster (adorable place, good grilled cheese and soup!), we trekked through the snow to Parkside Lounge on Houston to hang out and wait for the show, which was scheduled to begin at 12:30am.

As you do with cover bands, you naturally have low expectations. “I’m going to punch you if this band ruins the album of my childhood," said one of my friends, jokingly. But nevertheless, there we were at 12:30am in a shitty bar on the Lower East Side waiting to see a band we’d never heard of perform one of the greatest albums of the early 90’s. We were all confused.

Ender Wins went on a few minutes after 12:30, and proceeded to perform the album in all it’s epicness in order. Another friend leaned over about half-way through the album and said, “I was totally wrong. I’m having a great time!” Score. 

The band’s bassist was great. Like seriously great. I watched his fingers during a few songs, and man, mine were just tired looking at him. They took turns with the vocals, and the drummer even sang the final “hidden” track after “FOD.” They played the album extremely well. My only issue was with the vocals at times - too whiny, or it just didn’t sound right. But I guess they were putting their own spin on things, and that’s cool.

After they finished Dookie, they played a few of their original songs and then closed with “Christie Road" from Kerplunk. All in all, it was an awesome experience and an awesome night.

Five happy, exhausted, and freezing Green Day fans.

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Green Day Song of the Week:  From Green Day's 1992 album Kerplunk comes the song No One Knows.  I find it haunting and it’s one of those songs that I could just fall asleep to.  Enjoy!