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Currently I’m trying to teach myself East Jesus Nowhere off Green Day's 2009 album 21st Century Breakdown with the help of this guy, and these tabs, and watching this video.  It’s coming along nicely and because I like the song (obviously), it’s a lot of fun to listen to (and watch) over and over.  

Well, as per usual when I decide I’m really into something, I root through the online archives of it’s history and I provide anyone reading here a comprehensive set of links for your viewing pleasure.  

While browsing YouTube for good videos of the band playing it, I started to come across the different videos of Billie Joe Armstrong “saving” people during their last tour.  The little boy who was saved during the Holmdel concert that I went to was the absolute shit.  Then there was this kid in Prague who got to stage dive after, and there was Jack in Chicago in 2009 (my favorite part was BJA telling Jack, “get your ass off my fucking stage, beat it!” after his moment was over, aw).  Oh, and the “9 year old boy” he brought onstage in Glasgow who turned out to be a middle aged man who looked like his dream was finally coming true when he walked on stage.  Joseph in Auckland, NZ was pretty adorable.  This girl freaked out at the end right before the blast in Hong Kong, which was pretty funny.  Lest we not forget how awesome they were when performing EJN on the 2009 MTV VMAs - especially the end.  But the best had to be when they performed it with Will Farrell on Saturday Night Live backing the guys up with a cowbell.   They’re such good sports about people invading their performance space sometimes.  

I have a bucket list of what I like to lovingly call Stupid Shit I’d Like To Do and to be “saved” or brought on stage towards the end of EJN definitely makes the cut.  

Green Day's subtle commentary on and criticism of psychotic evangelists always makes me smile.  It's so subtle that the evangelists probably don't even get it.  And that’s the best part of all.  February 18th, 2011

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The Green Day Song of the Week this week is East Jesus Nowhere from Green Day’s 2009 album titled 21st Century Breakdown.  I adore this song and what is means.  I picked this song because this was a song that Billie Joe, when asked on Wednesday night at a post-show talk-back if there were any songs that he wanted to put into American Idiot but didn’t, he said East Jesus Nowhere was that song.  I’m not really sure where it would fit in but I love the idea of it being performed because it’s super theatrical when Billie Joe performs it during his concerts.  (Hello, he saves someone everytime!  Thank, god Green Day.)