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I can’t tell you how excited I want to read this yesterday. My favorite playwright…. ACTING… in a play?!… on BROADWAY?! Sign me up. Plus Marin Ireland? Here’s my money, Roundabout. Just take it now.

I wonder how Rapp will be onstage. He’s always avoided having his plays staged on Broadway (he’s been quoted as saying that his audience is the off-Broadway type), so his leap to ACT on Broadway is astonishing. I hope he’ll be great. Let’s be honest, he probably will be. 

And even if he’s not, I’ll love him onstage anyways. 

Last week was unofficially “Second Stage Week" for Matt and I.  We ventured on Tuesday to Second Stage’s main stage to see one of the final previews of Trust, starring Sutton Foster, Bobby Carnavale, Zach Braff, and Ari Gaynor.

I was intrigued by the cast, especially the fact that Foster was playing a dominatrix and not her usual ingenue-type role.   I also adore Zach Braff and Ari Gaynor.  

This is a pointless but highly entertaining script that tells the story of a billionaire (Braff) and how a visit to see a dominatrix (Foster) changes his life, as well as his depressed wife’s (Gaynor).  Carnavale plays Foster’s abusive boyfriend who doesn’t do all that much aside from blackmailing Braff.  

We laughed all the way through, and everyone in the cast was believable and entertaining.  They all did their jobs well.  

Trust plays at Second Stage through September 12th.  More information can be found here.  

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