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I'm Allison. I see a ton of theatre. I'm a fan of Green Day, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Weezer, Oasis, Adam Rapp, Emily Giffin, and Shakespeare. I run sometimes, and do yoga always.

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A guy messaged me a week ago on OkCupid.  His message was kind of arrogant and I told him so (because that’s how I roll).  He replied asking for a chance to prove me wrong, and we grabbed beers last night in Alphabet City at B-Side.  It was probably the blindest “date” I ever had because I really didn’t read through his profile very thoroughly.  It was barely a date at all.  B-Side was a cool, really laid back bar (with $5 beers!) until about midnight when it started getting crowded and and they turned up the music.  The music selection came from a juke box and it was okay, except for when someone selected “My Name is Jonas,” by Weezer. That was the best.

He was a really nice guy and kinda cute, with an interesting profession (photographer).  But there was one problem: he watches Fox News and not just for it’s sensationalist entertainment value.  He watches it seriously.  He also reads the New York Post, and again, for news value.  He’s liberal on all social issues (non-religious, all for gay marriage, pro-choice) so it baffles my mind that he’s super patriotic and pro-Fox News.  

He said, “If we hang out again, we should take a tour of the Fox News headquarters,” after which I laughed heartily at him and almost left.  I almost left several times but I couldn’t because he seemed like such a genuinely nice guy, despite being a politically confused closeted liberal.  

He hugged me before I got in a cab and said he wanted to see me again, which I may have responded to with an eye roll and a smile.  He texted me soon after and said despite a “difference in politics” that he had fun.

I’m so perplexed about this dude.  

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