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I'm Allison. I see a ton of theatre. I'm a huge fan of Green Day, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Weezer, Oasis, Adam Rapp, Emily Giffin, and Shakespeare. I run sometimes, and do yoga always. My life has changed a lot in the last year, so this is my account of it all.

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Bredan Milburn & Valerie Vigoda,
Sleeping Beauty Wakes

I Dare Say I’m In Love / Sleeping Beauty Wakes - This song is kind of the big finale of the second act, and you can totally hear it’s theatricality even though it’s only three people on the original album.  I downloaded the album off iTunes last week and I really love the album, and the show.  

Yesterday the New York Times reviewed it and although it wasn’t an altogether glowing review, I hope they bring it to New York after it’s run at La Jolla.  It’s playing through June 5th, so if you’re in the area you shouldn’t miss it.  

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