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Whenever I voice my opinion on religion, my father replies that everyone has a right to their opinion, not matter how stupid and asinine it may be.  Well, if they have a right to voice their asinine opinions, I have a right to voice my [logical] ones.

It is my honest belief that religion has no place in modern society, other than for reflection on how we used to answer questions ‘back in the day.’  Religion, as I’ve always understood it, was used to answer questions that we had no answers to.  We have science now, we know about evolution.  We know what the sun is, and moon.  We know where babies come from and we know about sex (no, i’m not including the mormons in that statement).  We have answers to all of these questions now, hence religion has lost much of its meaning. 

tried the other day to think of something positive that religion has done for the world.  iI honestly couldn’t. Iit’s started wars, killed lots of people, made the poor poorer, and certain religions have even made it possible for people to deny others rights (marriage, abortion, etc.).  The only reason we could possibly still have for religion would be to figure out where we go after death.  I’ve never understood the concept of living sinlessly on earth so you can live better in a place that could very well be a big fat lie.  hy not just live happily in the life that you know for a fact that you have?  bBecause i know that i’d be pissed if i lived a life that lacked fun and then i died and… nothing.  no big pay off!  i guess that’s what they call having “faith,” but still, what’s the point?  i’ll say it again, live for your life now, not what comes later. 

marriage.  to gay or not to gay?  let’s face it, the moment that government gave tax breaks and sold marriage licenses, marriage was not religious. to quote Liszt and Eastons’ “the ethical slut,” “while we certainly think that same-sex couples are entitled to the same benefits as opposite-sex couples, we strongly question what business any of this is of the government’s.” while this may be a bit out off the topic of religion, the reason why the government is involved marriage is because of religion and people’s so called “morals.”

excuse me, but i’ll go out on a limb here and say that the term “morals” is just a sad excuse for someone to broadcast their harsh judgments upon another person or group of people. feel free to disagree.  when someone says that they’re not judging you, it’s just that they have morals, they’re lying - to themselves, and you.

my friend john, a [proud] gay man, said it best last september, “if marriage is truly a religious thing, let the churchs and synogues handle it and not the government.”  until then, the priest better keep their mouths shut (and their hands to themselves).

have you thought of anything positive religion has done?  please comment below if you have.  i’m still brainstorming. 

religion is keeping the united states from fully moving into the 21st century.  we could possibly have a cure for cancer right now if stem cell research hadn’t been so horribly protested by the religious right for so long.  thanks, jesus. 

they say ignorance is bliss.  wrong. ignorance is ignorance, that’s it.  why do kids become racist?  they’re ignorant when they’re young and don’t know any better than to listen to what their parents are saying.  ignorance perpetuates the stupidity that we see all over this country.  (watch “religulous” if you need to feel smarter.) 

there are people who honestly will tell you that they don’t live for their own happiness and the happiness of those they love, they live for jesus and god.  they live for things that they don’t know exist.  again, faith… whatever.  i guess i could live for santa clause then, i could have “faith” in him.  i really don’t see the difference. 

52% of the country now thinks that gay marriage should be legalized.  why can’t more of these people speak up?  oh yes, they live places where they’d be lynched if they did.  Matthew Sheppard, anyone?

like i said, it is my personal belief that religion has no place in modern society, so while all of the religious fanatics are busy living for god, excuse me while i go outside and live life.